From Jim Roberts, founder of Network for Entrepreneurs in Wilmington:

This event is a clever recreation of one of the best entrepreneur education sessions I have seen in 20 years with two high profile entrepreneurs.

February is a tricky time of the year for business events with respect to the mid – Atlantic weather with the equal probability of a snow day or a perfect day to walk on the beach. My event in February of 2015 had issues due to traveling speakers from Raleigh who were unable to make the trip but the local presenters did a great job.

Last year, I attended the annual Startup Summit hosted by two Raleigh area professionals who created this one day conference because of the high cost of a traditional and similar entrepreneur and venture capital conference in the region. With their permission and participation, we are going to recreate one of the best sessions from that conference that was one of the VERY best sessions that I have seen in 20 years of entrepreneur development. Thank you to your moderator for this event, Keith Washo of Startup Summit.

Among the high profile entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneur and part time beach resident Scot Wingo of Channel Advisor and Spiffy is VERY highly regarded and a treasured mentor to other entrepreneurs. Todd Olson is newer to the Raleigh scene but has started the MOST PROMISING startup in ALL of North Carolina if not all of the south as he just announced 600 new jobs for a new Raleigh headquarters.

At the Startup Summit, Wingo and Olson gave over a dozen tips to the entrepreneurs in the audience on how to scale their startups. Thanks to our moderator for this event, Keith Washo, we have the video of this presentation.

While on February 18th, we are going to show the video of the presentation, we will have Keith and venture capitalist Tim McLoughlin give a deeper explanation of what Wingo and Olson are saying in the video. (if it snows, we can simply just show the video.)

(To be clear, I have been trying every angle to get Mr. Wingo to speak in person in Wilmington for 7 years! AND I will keep trying.)

Thanks to our guests:

  • Tue Feb 18
  • 115 North 2nd Street Wilmington, nc 28403

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