Join Carolina FinTech Hub for its monthly meetup — in-person or virtually.

In addition to general updates and networking, CFH will have a special presentation each month. This month, PayCLT is bringing in Chris Hart, the CEO of Charlotte-based consulting firm Levvel to talk about the big picture trends he sees affecting companies, employees, and customers.

Chris Hart is a co-founder and CEO of Levvel. He has more than 20 years of technology leadership experience. Prior to starting Levvel, he led software development, infrastructure, and QA organizations at multiple Fortune 100 companies. In addition to his enterprise experience, Chris has helped start or grow multiple early-stage technology companies. In the five years before starting Levvel, Chris was focused on financial technology solutions in the consumer, commercial and wealth management space. His technical and business expertise coupled with enterprise-scale, global program management background helps Levvel’s clients build technology that changes the world.

  • Thu Feb 20
  • 222 S. Church St Charlotte, NC 28273

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