While fossil fuels are still the dominant energy source in the U.S., recent renewable energy advances point to a distinctive shift in the energy system. Projections indicate that wind, solar and storage can meet 80 percent of America’s energy needs by 2050. Utilities in the Southeast (SE) region are responding to rising customer demand for clean power by capturing this economic opportunity in a solar resource second only to the sun in the desert Southwest.

In recent years, changes in power generation in the SE region have led to reductions in carbon emissions from electric utilities. Utilities, states, and cities are taking the climate crisis seriously and have begun to set goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Clean energy in the SE depends on partnerships between states and utilities: states and utilities each play a role in determining the power supply. Battery energy storage, EV’s and community solar are also emerging in the region.

EUCI’s 9th annual Southeast Clean Power Summit is essential for providing vital information regarding the future of the regions clean power supply and infrastructure. The conference features utilities, project developers and industry experts discussing the most current information and what it’s likely to mean for stakeholders.

  • Tue Feb 25
  • 4500 Marriott Dr. Raleigh, NC 27612

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