There are 100+ frameworks being used today, and seemingly a new one every few days, and choosing one has become increasingly important and frankly, a little confusing. However, as Peter Elbaum (the speaker for the February All Things Open RTP meetup) will explain, understanding the underlying “why” will make the process of choosing and learning a framework much easier and more intuitive.

Topic: The “Why” Behind Javascript Frameworks (and How to Learn Them)

Abstract: There are countless blog posts and tweets given to the topic of whether to choose Vue, React or Angular. We spend a lot of time debating the difference between the frameworks, but we often overlook the reasons that front-end frameworks were created in the first place. This talk will address how front-end development was done before frameworks existed and discuss the main problem that frameworks solve. Through grasping the reason for frameworks, attendees of this talk will be able to accelerate the process of learning a new front-end framework. Specifically, this talk will address component-based architecture, application state management, and component interaction. We’ll cover what to look for when learning a new framework and strategies for internalizing the nuances of the various framework ecosystems. Seeing the commonalities among these frameworks allows for grasping the bigger picture.

Speaker: Peter Elbaum, Software Engineer at Praxent and frequent public speaker

  • Tue Feb 25
  • 4205 S Miami Blvd. Durham, NC 27710

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