Venture Cafe Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem, NC

About Us

The weekly Thursday Gathering serves as a physical nexus for helping innovators and entrepreneurs find one another and collaborate to bring their dreams to reality. These Thursday Gatherings provide a space for conversations and scheduled programs to inspire a wide range of attendees from around the world to connect. Think of it as a community living room. Even in this digital world, it’s important to have a physical space. Shared physical spaces provide common meeting ground and a forum for semi-serendipitous encounters that often foster brainstorming and drive creativity. Meeting in person establishes the trust that’s so crucial to working together, particularly on risky, underfunded projects. Each Thursday, we provide curated programming to help entrepreneurs move their ideas and ventures forward. 

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Goal of Triad Navigator

To help startups & small business owners "navigate" the many people & organizations who work together to support them.

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