Venture Cafe WS

Winston Salem, NC

Venture Cafe Winston-Salem


The Concept

We strive to connect innovators to make things happen by holding gatherings every Thursday from 5:00pm-8:00pm.

Who's it for?

Venture Cafe targets anyone who is looking to make meaningful connections. Everyone is welcome! 

What problem does it solve?

Venture Cafe addresses the roadblock several startup companies/entrepreneurs run into - knowing a limited number of people!! 

How does it help?

We provide you with the people, all you have to do is show up and meet great people! 

Program Overview

We provide a comfy and casual environment to share your ideas, meet new people, and grow you business! The entire evening is completely drop in, and we have free food and alcohol courtesy of local businesses. We serve a diverse group of people, and have something for everyone. If you are an entrepreneur and looking to further your success, Venture Cafe will serve you well! 

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Goal of Triad Navigator

To help startups & small business owners "navigate" the many people & organizations who work together to support them.

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