HUSTLE Night @ Venture Cafe

Winston Salem, NC

HUSTLE Winston-Salem


The Concept

Join us the first Thursday of every month at Venture Cafe where we host a 6pm event focused on promoting inclusive entrepreneurship.

Who's it for?

All of welcome and encouraged. The goal are to bring all communities together, to grow empathy, and to scale trust.

What problem does it solve?

Entrepreneurs within our target communities are often under-connected and under-represented. Many often develop and operate their business in silos or limited markets. Systemic and unconscious biases also exist that can limit opportunities and access

How does it help?

This event shines a light on these challenges and provides a platform for everyone throughout the ecosystem to be a part of the solution.

Program Overview

Every first Thursday, we will host a dynamic hour-long event highlighting ideas, opportunities, challenges, and successes for entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities. Format for each event will vary: panel discussions, workshops, town hall, success stories, topical exploration, skill development, etc.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Goal of Triad Navigator

To help startups & small business owners "navigate" the many people & organizations who work together to support them.

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