The Concept

Swerve is the Triad\'s hub for creative entrepreneurs. We help creatives turn their passions into companies.

Who's it for?

Calling all creatives! We want designers, film makers, photographers, dancers, podcasters, textile artists, painters, and anyone who identifies as creative.

What problem does it solve?

Creatives often lack business support and may feel out of place at traditional business support organizations.

How does it help?

We have built a welcoming community specifically for creatives. We understand the unique characteristics of creatives and the challenges that they face.

Program Overview

Each month we bring together dozens of creative entrepreneurs for a lunch and learn, covering the fundamentals of business such as identifying your target customer, branding essentials, financial statements, and more. Swerve members are the core of the creative economy in Winston-Salem. Members forge friendships and partnerships, supporting and encouraging each other.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Goal of Triad Navigator

To help startups & small business owners "navigate" the many people & organizations who work together to support them.

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