The Concept

Annual Pitch competition for companies to present to an audience of potential investors

Who's it for?

Investors and local entrepreneurs who are seeking capital for their company.

What problem does it solve?

Capital Connects works as a connection between investors and entrepreneurs in the form of a signature showcase event, providing education and connections for both. 

How does it help?

Working to connect accredited investors, angel, and venture funds with growth companies seeking private equity is the main objective of Capital Connects. The event provides education sessions as ell as a keynote speaker and multiple pitches. 

Program Overview

A signature showcase event, running for over 15 years, Capital Connects provides education opportunities for investors and connections to entrepreneurs seeking capital for their company. 

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Goal of Triad Navigator

To help startups & small business owners "navigate" the many people & organizations who work together to support them.

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